As an industry leader, MW Industries masters a full range of manufacturing technologies. Our locations are expert in the most extensive range of spring-making, machining, and metal-forming processes in the industry. Working in wire diameters as small as a human hair to greater than 2”—in materials ranging from carbon steels to exotic titanium, beryllium copper, and high-temperature alloys—we have the facilities, equipment, and know-how to manufacture the most diverse portfolio of products available anywhere. Download our latest product brochure or peruse the product categories below.

Belleville Washers & Disc Springs

Disc springs and washers, from standard steel and exotic materials, to satisfy any application.

Springs - Compression, Extension, Torsion

Compression, extension, torsion...springs of all shapes, sizes and even colors. We can meet the needs of any application.

Constant Force & Point of Purchase Display Solutions

Point of Purchase display solutions, constant and variable force springs.

Our fastener locations have the capabilities to offer a full range of standard and metric sizes.

Hot Wound (Coil) Springs

MW Industries, Inc. offers both automated and manual hand coil capability in the manufacture of hot wound (or hot coil) springs.

Custom Machined Parts

Machined parts are in most of the items we depend on everyday.

Metal Stampings & Flat Springs

Metal stamping, fourslide components, flat springs and specialty parts from a variety of materials.

Retaining Rings / Snap Rings

Retaining Rings (also known as coil rings, coiled rings, snap rings, round wire rings, circlips, square section rings, rectangular section rings, custom shaped section rings, or tapered section rings) - close tolerances, short lead-times, improved product life

Custom Wire Forms

Custom wire forms manufactured in a variety of shapes to perform specific, as well as multiple functions.