MW Industries is one of the world's premier manufacturers of products that make machines, engines, and complex sub-assemblies work harder, better, longer, and faster. Our full line of industrial springs, fasteners, machined parts, and flat-stamped spring-related products are engineered for peak performance and made from the world's best materials. Innovation and value are the linchpins of our company and no one in the industry can match our manufacturing capabilities and reputation for quality.

No one.

Across myriad industries and applications, we've created the most diverse product line available. Our innovations become the strength, speed, and durability that you need in your applications. We've earned a reputation for - and built our business on - delivering the most technologically innovative and durable products.

We empower innovation. We engineer value.

Featured Product

The Carbon Composite Bellows™ Spring (CCBS) is a system of carbon fiber elements that combine to work as a high performance, light weight and design flexible compression spring.

Featured Case Study

Engineering Case Study: Ram Air Turbine Springs

The deployment systems for Ram Air Turbine require compact, lightweight springs that can remain loaded for their lifecycle and still retain rate and deflection if/when they are called upon.

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Article from the Winter 2015 issue of Springs Magazine.