Engineered Spring Products

Engineered Spring Products (ESP)

Our Engineered Spring Products location has been a leader and innovator in the spring industry since 1983, developing Beta C Titanium for various spring wire applications even before the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) approved the alloy for Oil Field Equipment in 1985. Since then, ESP has honed their reputation in stocking and utilizing premium exotic materials, including Inconel®, Beta C Titanium®, Elgiloy®, MP35N®, and Hastelloy®. Their unique understanding of the oil industry, and its' need for durable, reliable, and precision components, means that ESP manufactures and engineers a wide range of precision springs, tubing and wire forms, bow/leaf springs, slip springs and unique assemblies for the energy market every year.

By having a thorough understanding of each customer's applications, product needs and stringent quality assurance requirements, ESP provides competitively-priced, superior-quality parts, with engineers to help solve any spring design issues. ESP also proudly holds the distinction of being the first spring manufacturer in the U.S. to obtain an ISO certification, leading the industry and setting the standard for quality, engineering and customer service.

Engineered Spring Products:
Compression springs
Torsion springs
Extension springs
Belleville washers
Coiled, bent and formed tubing
Flat springs
Bow/leaf springs
Specialized spring assemblies

Engineered Spring Materials:
Stainless Steel
Hastelloy® C276
A 286
Alloy Steel
Music Wire
Chrome Silicon
Beryllium Copper



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Certifications / Registrations: 

ISO 9001:2008
API 14 A&D
TS 16949