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MW Industries, Inc. Terms of Use

This policy governs the relationship between MW Industries, Inc. (hereinafter called MWI), its plants or related subsidiaries and or subcontractors and individuals who view any websites owned or operated by MWI (hereinafter called visitors).

MWI respects the privacy of all visitors to our sites. Certain areas of MWI websites require visitors to enter information in forms or in online messaging dialog boxes. Such data will not be resold or shared with third parties. MWI will use this data internally for purposes of responding to questions, requests for information and for determining the effectiveness of its websites. In some cases, MWI may also save the data in its databases to be used internally.

MWI copyrights text and images used on its websites. MWI provides visitor access to pages for personal use. Such pages may not be stored or distributed to others using electronic, printed or other media, without MWI’s express written consent. Any trademarks used on MWI’s websites belong to their respective owners.

MWI gathers and analyzes standard information provided by the visitor’s browser for the purpose of website evaluation & improvement. No other personal data is collected, except when the visitor fills out an on-line form to provide this information or enters it in a on-line chat session.

The visitor may only use this website if it is legal for them to do so from the geographical location from which they are accessing the pages. Visitors may not use any MWI website to perform any illegal act, or for the purposes of encouraging others to perform any illegal act.

MWI makes no representation, warranty or guaranty, express or implied regarding the content, functioning and availability of pages on its websites. While MWI takes care when compiling information on this site, MWI does not guarantee that the displayed information on its websites is current and or accurate. In the case of a particular product application the visitor must confirm their anticipated application of MWI product(s) with our engineers during the quote & sales cycle. Any purchase is also subject to MWI’s terms and conditions of sale.