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Project Description

Tight Tolerance Standoffs

Application: Power Supply Actuators

Problem: Critical application was designed to use a very tight tolerance standoff. The nature of the application and its environment prevented design adjustments. Undersized and oversized components from other manufacturers had resulted in manufacturing disruptions and end product quality issues.

The MWI Solution:

  • Identified customer’s method of measurement and specific dimensions required
  • Designed the necessary part, highlighting critical dimensions
  • Replicated the measurement fixture used at customer location to aid in testing at the time of manufacture
  • Developed manufacturing inspection process that focused on those critical dimensions & produced inspection reports for the customer


MW Industries was able to manufacture components that consistently met the strict tolerance requirements for the final application and has since been entrusted with a number of other components as well.

Tight Tolerance Standoffs - Precision Electronic Hardware

MWI Location(s):
RAF Electronic Hardware


Product Type(s):

Custom Standoffs & Spacers from MW Industries, Inc.