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Project Description

Tactical Targeting Components

Application: Military Infrared Imaging Systems

Problem: The application requires highly precise compression springs and the previous spring supplier was unable to manufacture a conforming part. Cryogenic units were failing in performance tests. Customer was forced to disassemble, test and sort for the springs that met tolerance (around 50%), and reassemble, which was drastically increasing their labor expense and causing shipping delays in the final product.

The MWI Solution:

  • Developed proprietary coiling and grinding process to achieve required tolerances
  • Designed in-house testing equipment to certify spring force, eliminating customer testing requirement
  • Worked with material manufacturer to solve secondary high-temperature issue observed in testing


After a few months of R&D, MW Industries was able to consistently manufacture 99.5% of springs to meet the required tolerances. The customer was able to replace their spring supply, as well as increase production throughput and overall capacity to gain more market share.

Military Targeting System Compression Springs & Components

MWI Location(s):
Mohawk Spring


Product Type(s):
Coiled Springs
Compression Springs

Precision Compression Spring Design