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Project Description

Surgical Device Components

Application: Medical Clip

Problem: Customer creating a new surgical product asked our Economy Spring location to review the design of a mission-critical component and provide a quote.

The MWI Solution:

  • Engineering & tooling teams came together to discuss the design
  • Calculated that a gap would form in the center of the clip under certain conditions
  • Gave feedback on the geometry of the product that would improve vessel closure
  • Worked with the customer to revise the component design and provided a quote for the new design


Utilizing 40+ years of experience in clip/staple manufacturing, we were able to spot what was potentially a life-threatening design flaw. Our customer was extremely satisfied and is now able to provide a reliable clip for their end user that closes completely around the vessel or artery and prevents the escape of blood during surgery.

Surgical Device Components - Surgical Clip Design

MWI Location(s):
Economy Spring


Product Type(s):
Wire Forms

Medical Wire Forms & Flat Spring Design