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Project Description

Spring Couplings

Application: Spring Coupling for Heavy Duty Off-Road Vehicles & Equipment

Problem: Couplings were experiencing field failures due to spring breakages. Traditional spring design software claimed the design should perform well under the given working conditions.

The MWI Solution:

  • Studied the mechanics of spring design, the forces at work in the given application, and the assumptions used in the traditional software
  • Created a proprietary spring design model that more accurately predicts the performance of a cold-set spring
  • Utilized the new model to design a replacement spring for the application
  • Developed a secondary process protocol for coupling spring components


A new spring was designed using the proprietary model, the spring breakage issue was resolved, and the customer has re-evaluated and updated all of their spring designs utilizing the new model.

Heavy Equipment Spring-Loaded Couplings

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Automatic Spring Coiling

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Coiled Springs