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Project Description

Server Rack Fasteners

Application: Server Enclosures / Racks

Problem: OEM received circuit board standoffs from an off-shore supplier and was experiencing a high frequency of cross-threading and had overall quality concerns. Lowered throughput was beginning to threaten delivery schedules.

The MWI Solution:

  • Reviewed existing component specifications
  • Produced a short run of fasteners to use in manufacturing tests
  • Developed a plan of action with the customer and scheduled production of their components to ensure their manufacturing timelines would be met

The customer was able to meet their delivery schedules for existing jobs, returned the off-shore standoffs to the previous supplier, and continues to receive quality standoffs and other components from our Accurate Screw Machine location.

Quality Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Supports

MWI Location(s):
Accurate Screw Machine


Product Type(s):

Stock & Custom Standoffs & Spacers