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Project Description

Restraint System Components

Application: Restraint System Torsion Springs

Problem: A torsion spring design with a specific pitch requirement caused springs to entwine and tangle during processing and shipping. As a result, springs were being damaged in transit and the OEM was spending time and labor dollars to de-tangle parts before they could be used.

The MWI Solution:

  • Attempted to plate and ship in smaller lots
  • Worked with customer to understand end-use application requirements
  • Proposed a minor tooling change at the OEM
  • Developed a closed coil solution that solved the tangling problem


The customer was able to redeploy all workers involved in de-tangling and will save approximately $120,000 in production costs over the next 10 years. Capital Spring’s solution also allowed for larger lot shipments, the removal of several process steps and damaged springs, and an improved speed-to-market for the OEM.

MW Industries - Capital Spring - Small Components Case StudyFor more information on the details of this success story, read our full Case Study!

Seat Belt Buckle Springs - Restraint System Components

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Capital Spring


Product Type(s):
Coiled Springs
Torsion Springs

Capital Spring - Torsion Spring Design Solution