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Project Description

Reconnaissance Fasteners

Application: Field Reconnaissance Communications Devices

Problem: An OEM received reports that the screws used in the housing of a small communications device were loosening over time and going missing in the field, causing the device to become unusable.

The MWI Solution:

  • Analyzed the initial fastener specifications and application design
  • Worked with the customer to develop a custom captive screw assembly that would perform better over time and eliminate complete housing failures in the field
  • Produced a small run of assembly samples for customer evaluation


The product’s performance increased significantly with the use of our captive screw assemblies. The customer quickly placed an initial production order for retrofitting existing devices and continues to use the same captive screw assemblies in its products.

Military Radio Communications Components

MWI Location(s):
Accurate Screw Machine


Product Type(s):

Captive Screws & Assemblies