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Project Description

Precision Surgical Clips

Application: Surgical Clip Device

Problem: Customer was looking for a more cost effective means of manufacturing an existing part with tight tolerances

The MWI Solution:

  • Brought the team together with a sample of the component to formulate an alternative process that would maintain a tight profile part
  • Proposed a stamp and toggle process with significant cost savings
  • Built the tooling, proved the concept, and received customer approval for production


The new process provided a quality component at 1/10th the original cost. MW Industries is manufacturing thousands of these assemblies annually without quality or performance issues. Our team is now a trusted advisor to the customer, providing the most efficient processes for metal components and market effectiveness.

Surgical Device Components - Flat Springs & Metal Stampings

MWI Location(s):
Economy Spring


Product Type(s):
Metal Stampings
Flat Springs

Medical Device Components - Springs, Needles, Metal Stampings