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Project Description

Pharmaceutical Injector Springs

Application: Pharmaceutical Auto Injector

Problem: Looking for a way to automate their assembly line, our customer asked us to assist them with the spring pick and place portion of the line.

The MWI Solution:

  • Met with the customer’s automation team to determine how to best facilitate an automated cell for spring loading
  • Developed a custom plastic tray that could be introduced and discarded by the robotic arm of the assembly machine
  • Designed the tray so that the same robot arm could grab each spring and place them into the assembly
  • Ran trials with two types of plastics to see which worked best with the robot based on vision system effectiveness


The design was approved and trays were introduced into the production cell for testing. The customer was able to increase their assembly throughput 500% per hour. MW Industries was asked to design the tray concept for their other major programs, each with unique challenges and different tray designs.

Pharmaceutical Injector Springs - Insulin Injector Assembly

MWI Location(s):
Economy Spring


Product Type(s):
Coiled Springs

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