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Project Description

Oilfield Monitoring Extender

Application: Oilfield Drilling Real-Time Monitoring Systems

Problem: The measurement instruments utilized in oilfield drilling must be able to send information to the surface flawlessly around the clock, despite harsh operating conditions deep underground. The equipment and wiring used must be able to withstand temperatures approaching 200C and pressures of 20,000 psi, and be as compact as possible due to the limited space environment. With wells getting deeper, our customer came to us looking for a way to allow for longer distances between monitoring tools and relays that could withstand the harsh down hole environment and avoid the cost of redesigning the tools themselves.

The MWI Solution:

  • Analyzed the existing application and the proposed length extensions
  • Measured the space constraints and clearance available within the existing application
  • Selected materials that perform well in high temperature, high pressure environments
  • Developed an assembly unit to connect between various type of down hole tools and tool strings


After extensive testing, the assembly was put into service and facilitates the transmission of data from some of the harshest environments inside the planet. Real-time data collection and recording of various rock formations and drilling conditions allows our customer to safely reach and collect the necessary resources to fuel our global energy needs.

Oilfield Downhole Monitoring Solutions

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