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Project Description

Missile Rack Springs

Application: Missile Release Pin Springs

Problem(s): Prototype design did not have enough force to properly eject payload from the rack. The solution needed to provide more force, work in high temperatures, and be corrosion-resistant in a very tight space.

The MWI Solution:

  • Developed a flat leaf spring out of Inconel
® 718 that was strong enough to release the pins that hold the load in place
  • Also designed the spring to be loaded in both directions to allow the pins to reset
  • Worked through numerous design adjustments with the customer to finalize a component prototype
  • Utilized special fixtures to test the spring design for proper load, accuracy, and consistency


The design was finalized, produced, and used successfully in live testing. Once approved, all existing racks were retrofitted with the new springs and the issue was resolved satisfactorily.

Missile Release Leaf Springs

MWI Location(s):
Atlantic Spring


Product Type(s):
Metal Stampings
Flat Springs