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Project Description

Military Suspension Springs

Application: Armored Vehicle Suspension Springs

Problem: Customer’s existing supplier had some legal issues that prevented shipment of suspension components. Those delays were threatening to cause missed deadlines and delivery backlogs.

The MWI Solution:

  • Developed replacement variable wire diameter suspension springs
  • Delivered finished goods on hand and had raw material in inventory to supply the rest in a few weeks’ time


MWI is one of the few global sources for variable wire diameter suspension components, so we were able to take the customer’s existing design and manufacture springs fairly quickly. We were able to supply components in stages, allowing our customer to maintain their production timelines and helping to avoid a shutdown situation as well as contractual failures with their customers.

Military Suspension Springs - Light Armored Vehicle

MWI Location(s):
Matthew Warren Spring


Product Type(s):
Hot Wound (or Hot Coil) Springs

Hot Wound Variable Wire Diameter Spring Design