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Project Description

Merging Suppliers

Application: Chassis Components

Problem: Over decades of sourcing stampings, a customer found they had 12 metal stamping suppliers.  Managing 12 supplier contacts, issuing purchase orders to 12 companies, and tracking incoming shipments from 12 supply sources became a management challenge.

The MWI Solution:

  • Met with the customer to review product designs
  • Proposed a consolidation of almost all their stamping requirements, both vendors and parts
  • Transferred dies, spare tooling, raw materials, and data files from existing vendors


The customer went from 12 metal stamping vendors to 2, with a smooth transition of vendors and product offerings, resulting in an uninterrupted production flow for the customer.

Automotive Chassis Components

MWI Location(s):
Pontotoc Spring


Product Type(s):
Metal Stampings

Automotive Metal Stampings