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Project Description

Braille Typewriter Tooling

Application: Braille Typewriter Assembly

Problem: After hand-assembling and braising parts for over 40 years, the manufacturing arm of Perkins Products was ready for an efficiency upgrade. They decided to purchase high-end “pick n place” assembly equipment and streamline their process. Unfortunately, the new machinery required their parts to conform to tighter tolerances than their current tooling supplier was capable of producing.

The MWI Solution:

  • Met with engineers from Perkins to determine the key characteristics of the part and feature dimensions
  • Conducted a joint review of the automation requirements for the new welding machinery, as well as the fit, form, and function within the final application
  • Designed the new tool to achieve the necessary dimensions and tolerances
  • Delivered production quality tooling that exceeded expectations


“Collectively we identified the problem, determined corrective action, developed a plan of attack and executed on it over a few short weeks….(This) extraordinary effort has also helped Perkins Products avoid an extended line down situation and gap in service to our visually impaired customers….We look forward to extending our working relationship with our partners at MW Industries.”

– Dan Roy, Director of Operations, Perkins Products

As a precision manufacturer of springs and fastener products for a variety of applications, MW Industries realizes the importance of meeting or beating tolerance requirements in the finished part. Whether our customers come to us for the parts or the tooling to be self-supplying, we do our very best to provide excellence in everything we produce.

Perkins Products Testimonial - Braille Typewriter Tooling

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