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Project Description

Aerospace Standoffs / Spacers

Application: Aircraft Flight Control Systems

Problem: Principal supplier had severe quality and service issues, resulting in rework and delay. Components had to be compliant with National Aerospace Standards (NAS).

The MWI Solution:

  • Reviewed NAS specifications, existing drawings, and application environment
  • Developed new NAS-compliant components for testing / certification
  • Dedicated engineering, manufacturing, and quality resources to expedite production


MW Industries was able to deliver superior quality NAS fasteners, eliminating the quality and service issues previously experienced, and allowing the customer to avoid further delays and costly rejections. MW Industries now manufactures many components to National Aerospace Standards for companies around the world.

Aerospace Fasteners - Standoffs, Spacers, Screws & Hardware

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RAF Electronic Hardware


Product Type(s):

Custom Fastener Products - Standoffs & Spacers