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Project Description

Accessible Suspension Components

Application: Wheelchair-Equipped Van

Problem: A new product designer approached us after an unsuccessful search for an existing spring that could handle the suspension requirements associated with converting a van to be wheelchair accessible.

The MWI Solution:

  • Met with the customer to review existing spring applications and requirements
  • Designed a variable rate spring that:
    • fit within the OEM suspension environment
    • handled the additional weight of the accessibility components
    • provided the same ride height as the OEM suspension
  • Developed a prototype spring and sent it to the customer for testing


The prototype spring performed well. The customer moved forward with their product design and eventually placed an order, bringing the new product to market as a means of equipping vans with wheelchair access.

Suspension Spring Design for Wheelchair Accessible Van

MWI Location(s):
Pontotoc Spring


Product Type(s):
Hot Wound (or Hot Coil) Springs

Hot Wound Coil Springs