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Compression Springs

Compression springs are the most common spring configuration that product manufacturers turn to when enhanced product functionality is desired. Used in automotive, aerospace, general industrial, medical and technology products, this spring type is used to resist applied compression forces or to store energy in the push mode. In more simple terms, compression springs contain the highest potential energy when the component is “compressed.”

Small Compression Springs manufactured by MW Industries, Inc

Spring Materials

Compression springs can be manufactured from a variety of materials, though predominantly from carbon and stainless steels. While a number of spring geometries are possible in any material, choosing the correct metal alloy for your application can involve a number of factors from ambient temperatures, corrosive environments, and even the normal weather patterns where the springs will be used.

Depending on the size of the material necessary to produce your solution, MW Industries has the ability to manufacture compression springs from cold-coiled wire or hot-wound bar stock.


Wire diameter: 0.004″ – 0.625″


Bar stock diameter: 0.625″ – 1.875″

Compression Spring Manufacturing

Large compression springs coiled by MW Industries, Inc

Springs are made on state-of-the-art CNC compression coiling equipment that uses vision and laser statistical process control systems to sort and adjust the free length. By investing in high-end coiling equipment, MW Industries is able to improve the compression spring quality and ensure that fewer springs are rejected for not meeting specifications.

After the coiling process, the compression spring has to be hardened or heat treated to allow the steel to maintain its resilience. MW Industries has stress-relieving ovens for hot or cold wound springs which meet all national heat-treating standards.

The compression spring then goes through various finishing processes.

  • Grinding – Ensures the compression spring has a flat end.
  • Shot Peening – Process by which the surface of the spring is exposed to tiny steel balls to strengthen the steel, and consequently resist fatigue and cracking when the spring is flexed.
  • Setting – Fully compressing the spring, so that all the coils touch each other, to fix the desired length and pitch.
  • Coating – Covering the spring with paint, rubber, or another metal (such as zinc or chromium) in order to color code and/or prevent corrosion.

Rapid Prototyping / Design Assistance

Our solutions approach is not limited to manufacturing. Working with your team, we will use the application specifications to determine how to best design and process compression springs using state-of-the-art software and years of expertise. Our engineers take into consideration:

  • Wire dimensions and winding
  • Metal materials
  • Production process
  • Hardening or heat treating
  • Finishing
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Quality assurance
  • Packaging, inventory and delivery
The MW Difference
Unlike stand-alone spring manufacturers, our customers benefit from MW Industries’ network approach. Each business unit has the ability to reach out internally to quickly find the right solution, take advantage of additional manufacturing capabilities and capacity, consolidate procurement efforts via bulk purchasing, source raw materials and take advantage of engineering and prototyping expertise. Our manufacturing flexibility helps insure we deploy our resources to make sure your manufacturing doesn’t skip a beat. That’s the MW Difference!  Read More »

Quality Assurance

Using our quality assurance experts, MW Industries inspects compression springs for fatigue and performance analysis. State-of-the-art testing equipment checks the compression springs to ensure compliance with customer specifications. These devices measure properties such as hardness, deformation, and squareness under load. Our experienced quality control team, along with the newest manufacturing systems, result in high quality compression springs at competitive prices.

MW Industries’ business units have earned the most stringent manufacturing certifications available. That’s why 23,000 customers, across every industrial sector, in more than 35 countries turn to MW Industries to solve their spring challenges.

Lastly, our customer service, engineering, production, delivery and follow through work in tandem to prove to our customers on a daily basis that MW Industries is their best choice for compression spring manufacturing.

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Compression Springs - Fuel Injection, Antenna & Clutch Springs
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