//MW Aerospace Solutions Provides Components for Aerospace Design & Manufacturing

MW Aerospace Solutions Provides Components for Aerospace Design & Manufacturing

CHICAGO, IL – November 27, 2017 – MW Industries, a leading provider of highly-engineered springs, couplings, specialty fasteners, machined parts and other precision metal components, is announcing the launch of MW Aerospace Solutions to help address the specific needs of Tier 1 and OEMs in the aerospace and defense industry.

MW Aerospace Solutions designs and manufactures springs, fasteners, and related products for a wide range of aerospace applications, including components for engines, flight controls, propulsion, landing gear, interiors, avionics, and the most advanced space exploration vehicles. The brands comprising this group include Atlantic Spring, Accurate Screw Machine, BellowsTech, Helical Products and Servometer, – specializing in springs, stampings, fasteners, couplings, flexures, machined springs, edge-welded and electrodeposited bellows and assemblies.

“With ISO9001 and AS9100 certification and compliancy, MW Aerospace Solutions offers core aerospace capabilities and experience with our advanced manufacturing techniques and processes that yield unrivaled innovations. Our market basket of products and our custom solutions are specifically designed and manufactured for the aerospace industry,” explains John Bagnuolo, Chief Executive Officer, MW Industries. “Our mission is to enable our OEM and manufacturing partners to bring products to market more quickly and cost-effectively.”

The MW Aerospace Solutions companies include:

  • Atlantic Spring, Flemington, NJ, manufactures a full-range of custom springs, clock springs, flat springs, shaped wire springs, torsion springs, wire forms and assemblies.
  • Accurate Screw Machine, Fairfield, NJ manufactures certified electronic hardware and fasteners including captive screws, nuts, spacers and washers.
  • BellowsTech, Ormond Beach, FL, markets a premier line of edge-welded bellows and assemblies.
  • Helical Products, Santa Maria, CA, manufactures tight tolerance custom flexible couplings and machined springs.
  • Servometer, Cedar Grove, NJ, manufactures a high-quality line of miniature bellows, flexible shaft couplings, contact springs and bellows assemblies.

According to Kevin Kuhn, senior vice president of MW Aerospace Solutions, ”Each company’s product technologies complement each other in terms of size, compatibility, material and performance capability. As expert industry suppliers of custom-focused manufactured solutions, we are completely dedicated to the on-time delivery of quality, cost-effective parts. Our state-of-the-art systems and CNC equipment ensure consistency, reliability, and fast delivery.”

About MW Industries, Inc.
MW Industries, Inc., headquartered in Rosemont, IL, has been a leading provider of highly engineered springs, specialty fasteners, machined parts and other precision components for more than 50 years. The company excels at rapid prototyping and design of hard-to-make products made from specialty materials. MW Industries serves more than 23,000 customers in over 35 countries. Its 45,000+ products are sold through a combination of direct sales, catalogs and distributors to original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket customers in aerospace, medical, electronics, energy, agriculture/construction, transit, heavy trucks, automotive replacement, industrial, consumer products, and military.