//More Than Just a Fastener Supplier

More Than Just a Fastener Supplier

Hi-Performance Fastening Systems, a MW Industries company manufactures specialty and proprietary cold-headed fasteners serving the distribution, heavy truck, tiered automotive, agriculture, lawn and garden, appliance, consumer electronics, construction, renewable energy and off-road/emergency vehicle markets.

Although well-known in most industries for their high-quality parts, Hi-Performance Fastening Systems has a reputation for offering more than just parts. They customize fastening solutions to meet their customer’s needs, offering a team of design experts ready, willing and able to review designs in any stage of development to suggest fasteners that will not only save time, but money as well. This design expertise, offered at no additional cost to the customer, demonstrates Hi-Performance Fastening Systems’ partnership approach to their customers relationships.

Hi-Performance Fastening Systems has a loyal customer base that relies on their engineering support at many different points during the process from the design level to purchasing. Recently, a customer came to Hi-Performance Fastening Systems after having designed a part that involved three distinct processes: the heading process, the trimming process, and the SEMS rolling process. When the engineering team at Hi-Performance Fastening Systems took a closer look at the part, they determined that they could actually form the part during the heading process, thereby eliminating the need for the trimming process. This not only saved the customer time, but money as well. This is just one example of Hi-Performance Fastening Systems’ added value through engineering and deign expertise.

In another example, a customer from the automotive industry asked if Hi-Performance Fastening Systems could create a screw similar to one previously made for a particular operation. Upon reviewing the original design schematics, Hi-Performance Fastening Systems determined that the new design wouldn’t work as intended because the original drawing provided – detailing a circular screw design – did not reflect what the customer actually needed, which was a trilobular screw design. Because Hi-Performance Fastening Systems was invited to participate early in the design process, they were able to catch the problem at the onset, saving the customer from a potentially frustrating experience, in addition to valuable time and money.

Most recently, a similar customer experience occurred. A Hi-Performance Fastening Systems design engineer was talking to one of their automotive OEM customers about removing a shoulder from a part. In doing so, they discovered that by switching a segment of the operation from a multi-die to a single-die part, the customer would experience both a cost and time savings.

As evidenced by the three examples above – and there are many more similar client experiences – it is clear that it’s beneficial to tap into the design engineering experience of Hi-Performance Fastening Systems throughout the design process.