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Economy Spring Plans New Facility, More Capacity

2/1/18 - SOUTHINGTON, CT - Economy Spring is planning one of the largest manufacturing expansions in the state of Connecticut, more than doubling its square footage by early 2019.

Mohawk Spring, a MW Industries company proves partner expertise is priceless

For many OEMs, quality is a top priority. When parts - such as springs - don't consistently perform as expected, your business is put in jeopardy. Mohawk Spring, a MW Industries company has a significant track record of helping companies prevent that from happening. Here's how:

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Accurate Screw Machine (ASM) Announces New Website Launch

1/15/18 - FAIRFIELD, NJ - The revamped ASM site features a mobile responsive interface with enhanced features including: easier navigation, advanced search filters, part configuration, and on-the-fly generation of 2D drawings, 3D renderings and downloadable CAD models in every major format.

  • Energy Solutions: Oilfield Operations at Sunset

MW Industries Offering Largest Market Basket for Upstream and Downstream Applications

Consolidating suppliers within specific supply markets is a proven strategy to concentrate buying power and reduce purchase prices. MW Industries Inc. is one of the largest and most diversified precision metal-based components manufactured in the U.S. Its full line of industrial springs, fasteners, machined parts and flat-stamped spring-related products can offer advantages of supplier consolidation that encompass far beyond sourcing savings.

  • Aerospace Solutions: Jet flying over water

MW Aerospace Solutions Provides Components for Aerospace Design & Manufacturing

11/27/17 - CHICAGO, IL - MW Industries, Inc. announces the launch of MW Aerospace Solutions to address the specific needs of Tier 1 and OEMs in the aerospace and defense industry.

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Accurate Screw Machine Achieves AS9100D Certification

11/16/17 - FAIRFIELD, NJ - Accurate Screw Machine achieved AS9100 Rev. D certification, an aviation, space, and defense standard based on the ISO 9001 quality system and supported by the International Aerospace Quality Group.

  • Engineering & Prototyping Support

Fasteners that work harder and smarter

When multiple suppliers are used to create an assembly, unforeseen problems can be introduced. Rumco Fastener specializes in streamlining your process to help ensure quality objectives are met. Here's how:

  • Machining Components: Drill Operator & Apprentice

More Than Just a Fastener Supplier

When picking out the right fastener supplier it's important to know what to look for first. Hi-Performance has a reputation for offering more than just parts. They customize fastening solutions to meet their customer's needs, offering a team of design experts ready, willing and able to review designs in any stage of the development to suggest fasteners that will save time and money.

  • Measuring Increased Effiency, Throughput, and Profit

Avoid the hidden costs of using multiple vendors

Learn how customers are reducing their sourcing from multiple vendors by implementing the right strategy. The right strategy can help put in place a process that will streamline manufacturing, reduce the number of vendors used, avoid the hassle of cutting a purchase order for several companies, and help prevent hidden costs.

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MW Industries Names Surfeo as European Sales Representative

10/31/17 - ROSEMONT, IL - MW Industries announces Surfeo as a strategic business development partner to enhance the exposure of MW Industries products in the Aerospace market among Tier 1 and Tier 2 OEM manufacturers across Europe.

  • Make adjustments and move the needle with better quality components

Capital Spring and customer support: engineering a packaging solution

Sometimes all it takes is an alternative manufacturing method to save a customer both time and money. Capital Spring was able to determine a workflow improvement in-house that helped a new customer eliminate a very laborious process.

  • Capital Spring Press Operators

Capital Spring has the specs for custom design and manufacturing

The availability of new online, state-of-the-art CNC system and other advanced machining capabilities enables skilled technicians to design, prototype and supply products that meet or exceed customer requirements.

  • RAF Electronic Hardware Logo

RAF Launches New Online Catalog with On-Demand CAD

10/18/17 - SEYMOUR, CT - RAF Electronic Hardware invites engineers and project managers to visit their newly re-built website with drag & drop CAD downloads, powerful product filter / search engine, and responsive design.

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MW Industries Acquired by American Securities

10/2/17 - CHICAGO, IL - MW Industries is pleased to announce that MWI was acquired by affiliates of American Securities in partnership with MWI management.

  • Compression Spring banner

Compression Spring Tip by Mohawk, an MW Industries Company

All compression spring designs are different therefore, requiring different levels of attention. Some are fairly simple and some can be very complex. Learn how to get proper requirements for a compression spring design and access our compression spring templates!

  • Energy - Offshore Oil Platform

Spring leader prides itself on vast inventory, quick lead times

Engineered Spring Products® (ESP) is a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of a wide range of springs, carries the largest inventory of exotic and standard product and offers exceptional lead times. Learn more about ESP capabilities!

  • Helical Products Logo

Helical Products Names HC Pacific as New Global Partner

9/29/17 - SANTA MARIA, CA – Helical Products names HC Pacific as master distribution partner for flexible coupling product line.

  • Mohawk Compression Springs - Release Valve Springs

Are release valve springs a ticking time bomb?

Learn how to completely remove hydrogen embrittlement from your LP valve application!

  • Dual Rate UHT Coil-Over Spring

Hyperco Expands Its Dual Rate UHT Coil-Over Springs Product Line

8/9/17 - CHICAGO - Hyperco continues to grow their highly successful Dual Rate Coil-Over Spring line into new racing applications.

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MW Industries Announces the Acquisition of Tri-Star Industries

7/13/17 – CHICAGO – MW Industries announced today the acquisition of Tri-Star Industries, an industry leading manufacturer of precision threaded inserts for plastics located in Berlin, CT.

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MW Medical Solutions – Precision Metal Components for Medical Devices

6/13/17 – CHICAGO – MW Industries Medical Solutions helps address the needs of medical devices and other healthcare products and provides precision metal components for drug delivery and surgical devices.

  • CEO Spotlight: John Bagnuolo in Springs Magazine

CEO Snapshot in Springs Magazine

5/8/2017 - MW Industries' CEO, John Bagnuolo, was featured in the Spring 2017 edition of Springs Magazine, a publication of the Spring Manufacturers Institute.

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MW Industries Launches Industry-First, Web-Based Service

3/8/17 - CHICAGO, IL - Rapid Response Service Aims to Shorten Product Development Timeline for Spring, Fastener, and Metal Components

  • Captive Screws & Assemblies

Accurate Screw Machine Achieves AS9100C Certification

9/27/16 - FAIRFIELD, NJ - Accurate Screw Machine (ASM) demonstrates continual dedication to custom hardware, fasteners and machined components for the aerospace market.

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Flexible Beam Coupling Article by Design World

9/21/16 - A member of the MW Industries family was recently interviewed about flexible coupling components for an article published on a Design World site.

  • Economy Spring Logo

Economy Spring to hold Customer Training Seminar

3/14/16 - For engineers & technical staff involved in product design and development requiring springs, wireforms, metal stampings, tubular fabrication, machined components, and/or assemblies.

  • Large Bolts & Nuts

MW Industries, Inc. Announces Acquisition of USA Fastener Group, Inc.

2/18/16 - CHICAGO, IL – MW Industries announced today the acquisition of USA Fastener Group, Inc., an industry leading manufacturer of various fasteners, including studs, nuts and other precision machined parts.

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MW Industries, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Servometer & BellowsTech

11/2/15 - CHICAGO, IL - MW Industries announced today the acquisition of Servometer and BellowsTech, world leading manufacturers of precision engineered bellows and electroformed components. Both companies have developed innovative technologies to service mission critical applications across a variety of markets.

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The Future of Spring Factories

2/24/15 - From the Winter 2015 issue of Springs Magazine, a look at the future of spring manufacturing.

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MW Industries, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Helical Products Company, Inc.

2/9/15 - CHICAGO, IL - MW Industries announced today the acquisition of Helical Products Company, Inc., a manufacturer of standard and custom couplings, U-Joints, and machined springs.

  • Carbon Composite Bellows Springs (CCBS)

Composite World Magazine Features MW Industries’ Innovation

8/18/15 - Composite World Magazine published an in-depth profile on MW Industries' Carbon Composite Bellows Spring product.

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MW Industries, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Maudlin & Son Manufacturing

1/5/15 - CHICAGO, IL – MW Industries announced today the acquisition of Maudlin & Son Manufacturing, a manufacturer of slotted shims, coil & flat shim stock, key stock, feeler gages, drill & threaded rod, and tool room supplies.