Custom Metal Components for Commuter Trains, Bus Lines & Freight Railroad Applications

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James Fletcher
Transit Market Manager

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Our Capabilities


We collaborate with and support our customers’ development and engineering efforts using:

  • CAD
  • CAE Analysis
  • Metallurgy
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Fatigue Testing
  • Performance Analysis
  • Corrosion Analysis


  • Grinding
  • Harden & Temper
  • Heat Set
  • Paint / Powder Coat
  • Shot Peening
  • Stress Relief
  • Wire Rolling


Hot Wound Springs

From 0.405″ (10.3mm) to 2.00″ (50mm) bar diameter

Max Coiling Specs:

Bar Diameter: 2.00″
Bar Length: 28.0′
Spring OD: 18.5″

Auto Coiling Specs:

Bar Diameter: 1.75″
Bar Length: 21.0′
Spring OD: 18.5″
Free Length: 39.0″

End Configurations:

Open End

Raw Materials:

SAE 9254
SAE 6150
SAE 9259
SAE 4140

Cold Wound Springs

From 0.004″ (.13mm) to 0.630″ (16mm) wire diameter

Compression, Extension, Torsion and Double Torsion Springs, Valve Springs, Clutch Springs, Wire Forms

Raw Materials:

Copper and Alloys
Exotics – Elgiloy®, Hastelloy®, Inconel®, A286, Monel
Music Wire
Nickel & Alloys, including MP35N®
Steel, Carbon & all grades of Stainless

Transit Springs & Metal Components from MW Industries, Inc.

Bellevilles & Disc Springs

Up to 400 Ton
Including flange, serrated, finger, wave, and custom

Coiled & Stamped Rings

Wire shape rolling and ring grinding for close tolerance rings
Retaining rings with butterfly, angle, rounded and square end configurations.

Electrical Contacts

Utilizing brass, bronze, copper, silver, and other materials
Pull testing, induction brazing, plating, soldering, assembly, and cycle testing services offered

Machined Parts & Tooling

Swiss Turning–Diameter: .188”–1.250”; Length: up to 12.5”
CNC Turning & Chucking–Diameter: .125” – 8.000”+ ; Length: up to 13.0”
CNC Milling
Honing–Diameter: .250”–3.250”; Up to 7.000” long
Grinding–Diameter: .500”–3.000”; Up to 6.000” long
Secondary Machining- turning, milling, drilling, sawing
Brazing / Soldering / Assembly
Material / Finishes: Carbon & Alloy Steels, Stainless & Brass, Nickel Alloys,Plastic & Nylon, Silver & Tungsten, Aluminum & Titanium

Fourslide / Stampings:

Up to 400 Ton

Wide range of heat-treated and spring materials

A moving performance that pleases the crowd
MW Industries, Inc. supports the development of springs and components for the fast-growing transit and freight market. Today, more and more population centers are investing in bus, train, and light rail services to provide efficient mass transit. We help meet this growing demand by working closely with transit and freight manufacturers to deliver important improvements in weight, ride comfort, performance, and reliability.

Better suspensions for a quieter, safer ride
Larger, faster, and more complex mass transit and freight systems demand improved suspension products. MW Industries is specially equipped to design, manufacture, and supply these oversized components, as well as deliver them to your facilities on time, every time. Light rail systems in particular demand springs and assemblies that offer quiet, comfortable, safe performance at high speeds. Based on the relationships we’ve built with leading transit and freight manufacturers, we have a proven ability to deliver a strong, light, and reliable system.

Taking the best innovation from other industries
Our long-term relationships with customers in markets like agriculture, construction, military, and motorsports have enabled us to take transit technologies to a whole new level of quality and performance. The design and production expertise we’ve developed in these other areas is particularly useful in developing new transit prototypes with some of the world’s best materials. It also ensures that our customers remain on the cutting edge of the latest technological developments.

Empowering innovation for design solutions
MW Industries offers unique capabilities in producing high-quality, large-diameter springs. Based on this expertise, we recently helped one of our transit customers upgrade their rail suspension design by reducing weight and improving safety and reliability levels. We work closely with our customers to custom manufacture a wide range of wire forms, assemblies, compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, and machined parts.