Military Vehicle Springs, Fasteners & Metal Components

Market Contact

Frank Kulze
Military Market Manager

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Our Capabilities


We collaborate with and support our customers’ development and engineering efforts using:

  • CAD
  • CAE Analysis
  • Metallurgy
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Fatigue Testing
  • Performance Analysis
  • Corrosion Analysis


We are capable of performing many secondary processes in-house before and after the coiling/machining:

  • Grinding
  • Harden & Temper
  • Heat Set
  • Paint/Powder Coat
  • Shot Peening
  • Stress Relief
  • Wire Rolling


  • Hot Wound Springs
    • Variable Rate Springs
  • Coiled Springs (Cold Wound)
    • Compression Springs
    • Extension Springs
    • Torsion Springs
    • Double Torsion Springs
    • Valve Springs
    • Clutch Springs
    • Brake Springs
  • Belleville Washers & Disc Springs
  • Retaining Rings (Coiled Rings)
  • Stampings
  • Wire Forms
  • Precision Machined Parts
  • In-House Tooling & Secondary Processes

Variable Wire Diameter for Military Springs

Advantages of Variable Wire Diameter  vs. Constant Wire Diameter:

  • Up to 10% lighter based on a comparable spring design
  • Lower solid height than a conventional spring design
  • Less space required than a conventional spring design
  • Increased travel
  • Better fit and function with mating parts
  • Increased variable rate in a suspension application from softer to stronger as payload increases

Variable Wire Diameter Capabilities:

Wire Size:
0.75″ – 1.75″ starting bar size

Maximum Taper:
0.5″ each end

Maximum Taper Length:
12″ – 84″ from each end

Maximum Bar Length:
4.0′ – 21.0′

Armored Vehicle Suspension SpringsHeavy duty springs for military and marine vehicles
MW Industries, Inc. is a trusted provider of springs and related metal components for military and marine applications for over a half of a century. Our main products in this specialized market include coil suspension springs, vehicle-mounted antenna springs, and heavy-duty springs for armored personnel carriers and MRAP vehicles. You can count on us for the certifications, processes, and support you need for even the most demanding vehicle applications.

Advanced technology for the toughest applications
Our technology advantage makes a world of difference in the production of military-grade springs. If you’re building a state-of-the-art armored vehicle, you can rely on our design expertise, world-class materials, and in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing process to ensure delivery of the highest quality parts. Our recent addition of variable wire diameter capabilities at our Matthew Warren Spring location is an excellent example of our dedication to innovation.

Our strong working relationships with the motorsports and heavy truck industries enable us to set the standard in component design. Together with our ongoing investment in engineering and production innovations, we can manufacture products that weigh less, work harder and protect better – all at an exceptional value.

Expert service and support when you need it most
We don’t just deliver the springs and components you need for mission-critical performance, we back it all up with the best engineers and support staff in the industry. Our team is quick to share our knowledge of materials, processes, and manufacturing to help you achieve all of your goals for safety, performance, and durability. With more than 80 years experience and multiple manufacturing facilities, we offer the products, services, and financial stability you require to keep your operations on track and on budget.

Variable Diameter Spring Designs - Military Suspension Springs