Pneumatic, Hydraulic, and Electrical Components for Industrial Applications

Incredibly diverse industrial applications

  • Barrier springs for security entrances
  • Hatch springs for submarines
  • Safety springs used in the nuclear energy industry
  • Compression and conical springs used in lubrication systems
  • Various spring designs used in food and beverage vending machines
  • Antenna springs for satellite communications

Market Contacts

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Sales Manager

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Our Capabilities


We collaborate with and support our customers’ development and engineering efforts using:

  • CAD
  • CAE Analysis
  • Metallurgy
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Fatigue Testing
  • Performance Analysis
  • Corrosion Analysis


We are capable of performing many secondary processes in-house before and after the coiling / machining:

  • Grinding
  • Harden & Temper
  • Heat Set
  • Paint / Powder Coat
  • Shot-Peening
  • Stress Relief
  • Wire Rolling



Hot Wound Springs

  • Bar Diameter: From 0.405″ (10.3mm) to 2.00″ (50mm)
  • Max Coiling Specs:
    • Bar Diameter: 2.00″
    • Bar Length: 28.0′
    • Spring OD: 18.5″
  • Auto Coiling Specs:
    • Bar Diameter: 1.75″
    • Bar Length: 21.0′
    • Spring OD: 18.5″
    • Free Length: 39.0″
  • End Configurations:
    • Squared
    • Open End
    • Ground
    • Pigtail
    • Custom
  • Raw Materials:
    • 5160H
    • 51B60H
    • SAE 9254
    • SAE 6150
    • SAE 9259
    • SAE 4140
    • 92V45
    • SRS60

Coiled Springs (Cold Wound)

  • Wire Diameter: From 0.004″ (.13mm) to 0.630″ (16mm)
  • Raw Materials:
    • Copper and Alloys
    • Specialty Materials
      • Elgiloy®
      • Hastelloy®
      • Inconel®
      • A286
      • Monel
    • Music Wire
    • Nickel & Alloys, including MP35N®
    • Titanium
    • Steel, Carbon & all grades of Stainless

Bellevilles & Disc Springs

  • Up to 400 Ton
  • Catalog and custom disc spring options
  • Materials
    • Carbon Steels
    • Alloy Steels
    • Stainless Steel Alloys
    • Tool Steels
    • Specialty Metals

Retaining Rings

  • Wire shape rolling and ring grinding for close tolerance rings
  • Retaining rings with butterfly, angle, rounded, square, and custom end configurations.

Machined Parts & Tooling Services

  • Swiss Turning–Diameter: .188”–1.250”; Length: up to 12.5”
  • CNC Turning & Chucking–Diameter: .125” – 8.000”+ ; Length: up to 13.0”
  • CNC Milling
  • Honing–Diameter: .250”–3.250”; Up to 7.000” long
  • Grinding–Diameter: .500”–3.000”; Up to 6.000” long
  • Secondary Machining
    • Turning
    • Milling
    • Drilling
    • Sawing
    • Brazing
    • Soldering
    • Assembly
  • Material & Finishes
    • Carbon & Alloy Steels
    • Stainless & Brass
    • Nickel Alloys
    • Plastic & Nylon
    • Silver & Tungsten
    • Aluminum & Titanium

Fourslide & Stampings:

  • Up to 400 Ton
  • Wide range of heat-treated and spring materials


  • Pressure Switches
  • Actuation Devices
  • Industrial Drives
  • Pumps
  • Connectors
  • Air Sensors
  • Compressors
  • Regulators
  • Ammo Clips
  • Battery Contacts
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Clamps
  • Clutches
  • Conveyors
  • Door Closers
  • Electronic Relays
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Latches
  • Office Equipment
  • Playground Toys
  • Reel Retrievers
  • Seals
  • Stove Handles
  • Tension Devices
  • Transmissions

Custom Springs, Rings & Fastener ComponentsAn integral part of the world’s industrial economy
MW Industries, Inc. is a trusted supplier to manufacturers of mechanical assemblies used throughout all of industry. Our customers count on us for stock and custom components for everything from water purification applications to nuclear safety systems. Because we have over 20 large production facilities, we can deliver everything from prototypes to large production quantities of precision springs, fasteners, machined parts, and more.

Engineering and service without the wait
Our many loyal customers rely on us for our engineering, design, and manufacturing capabilities, as well as our highly personalized service. Our engineers offer a broad range of expertise in metallurgy along with spring and assembly design, testing, and production. The best proof of the high value we place on customer satisfaction are the numerous customer service awards we’ve received for on-time delivery, shipping accuracy, and ISO-based quality control procedures.

Whether you need large production volumes or small prototype quantities, our large inventory and low minimum order quantities make it easy to meet your requirements quickly and without lengthy manufacturing lead-times. In many cases, same-day shipments are available to help you meet important deadlines.

Specialists in prototyping and pilot production
By leveraging the wide-ranging capabilities of our locations across the United States, MW Industries is able to provide quick prototyping of parts and assemblies for a wide range of industrial applications. MW Industries houses the largest and most diverse inventory of springs in the industry, ranging from large suspension applications to micro-medical devices to precision wire forms, metal stampings, and product assemblies. When you need parts for extreme conditions, MW Industries has a stellar reputation for crafting custom components from premium, specialty materials including Inconel®, Beta C Titanium®, Elgiloy®, MP35N®, and Hastelloy®.

Proven products you can build your reputation on
Whenever you work with MW Industries, you gain full access to our wide range of expertise. Regardless of your application, we have proven products and systems to create lasting value for your applications. And, if you need specialized engineering, no one can match our extensive industry knowledge or our commitment to meeting your needs.