//Capital Spring and customer support: engineering a packaging solution

Capital Spring and customer support: engineering a packaging solution

High-quality extension springs, torsion springs, compression springs, wire forms, fourslide parts and small metal stampings have been manufactured by Capital Spring, a MW Industries company, since 1945. Capital Spring evaluates and employs the latest CNC coiling technology and implements new manufacturing techniques to improve throughput and repeatability as well as reduce costs.

A diverse clientele relies on Capital Spring for spring manufacturing and metal stamping, including customers representative of the automotive, aviation and aerospace, outdoor power equipment, power distribution, safety restraints, general industrial, valve, and the U.S. military and government sectors.

A hallmark of the Capital Spring business philosophy is dedication to delivering end-to-end customer service. Client-focused capabilities include expert technical support, quick-response product delivery and e-commerce convenience. Skilled technicians design, prototype and supply products that meet or exceed customer requirements.

Capital Spring’s partnership approach to engineering solutions for specific applications is illustrated in the development of a problem-specific remedy for a leading manufacturer in the refrigeration industry.

This potential new customer had assigned several factory floor techs to manually fabricate diffusers for the refrigerators. This laborious process entailed wrapping cut pieces of wire (between 12″ and 30″ in length) in very intricate shapes around pins, which was preventing the employees from using their time and talents more productively.

The company approached its contact at Capital Spring to see if they might be able to come up with an alternative manufacturing method that would save both time and money. After reviewing operations on the factory floor, Capital Spring determined that workflow improvements could be realized, and began to manufacture the diffusers in-house. Although the Capital Spring produced parts were much more accurate and consistent than the handmade parts, Capital Spring realized that they could improve the deliverable even further. After observing that the parts could become tangled during transit and movement to the staging areas inside the company, it was mutually decided by both companies that 25-piece bundles of diffuser wires were a manageable package quantity.

The Capital Spring team proposed a very simple packaging solution to help remedy the issue. Wrapping each end of the 25-piece bundles with a small plastic bag and securing the bag with rubber bands solved the problem. The assembly workers were happy with the new-and more consistent parts and the packaging.

In this example of customer service, Capital Spring improved the quality and consistency of the diffusers, and solved a customer’s packaging and handling problems on the factory floor. The upfront cost of each part was slightly higher, but the customer acknowledged their overall internal costs of producing and managing these parts decreased.

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