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Composite Spring Applications

Types / Capabilities
At what development stage should you consider your spring design?

The short answer is: as early as possible. Ideally, consideration for carbon fiber reinforced polymer disc springs should take place during the concept or early design phase, before prototyping. These springs can provide unique and unmatched benefits when compared to conventional options, however, due to the properties of the composite material, composite springs will be physically larger than a comparable steel spring. For this reason, if your component is already designed and optimized around a metal spring with tight tolerances, a retrofit with composite springs will be challenging.

Composite Spring White Paper
Read our white paper to learn more about why this physical size challenge exists.
Custom solutions

Our composite springs are all custom made to your specifications. Our engineers work with your designers to develop the best solution using our latest design approaches and materials.

Do you need a composite spring that is not round? Good! We like when you think outside the box! Let us help you develop a unique solution that takes your product to the next level.

Ideal uses for CFRP disc springs

Design engineers are constantly looking for new technologies to solve emerging challenges. One way is to create lighter-weight components that still offer the designed strength properties. Our new carbon composite compression springs – which are finding their way into new applications – do exactly that. They are ideal for:

  • High-value application which need a cutting edge solution
  • Lightweight total assembly
  • Fast dynamic response
  • Rate and/or deflection tuning
  • Thermal insulation needs
  • Avoiding side loading on the interfacing hardware
  • Non-magnetic spring requirements
When CFRP disc springs are not ideal
  • Carbon fiber springs are not stronger than metal
  • Extreme high temperatures
  • Extended years in use without servicing
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Capabilities
For More Information on Composite Springs:

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