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Belleville Washers & Disc Springs

Types / Capabilities

Disc springs are used in applications throughout a wide range of industries. Because spring washers exert a uniform pressure that remains constant, they are an ideal solution for situations where tension losses caused by thermal expansion/contraction, compression set, or wear of parts occur.

Valve Actuator Assembly

Valve Actuator Drawing - Belleville Washer Design

Normal Spring Return Actuators

The electrical or pneumatic actuator compresses the springs to actuate the valve. When the controller releases power or pressure, the force stored in the spring returns the actuator to its start position, allowing for simpler and less expensive control/actuator systems.

Fail-safe Spring Actuators

During powered operation, the spring travels with the actuator. The actuator opens and closes the valve, and provides braking. Under loss of power, the spring is released and drives the actuator to the pre-designated fail-safe position.

Fail-Safe Brake Assembly

Brake Assembly Diagram - Spring Washer Design

In many machinery applications, it is necessary that a brake be applied in case power to the equipment is lost. In these situations, disc springs can be installed so that they are compressed to release the brake and then, if power is lost, the springs apply the brake and stop the machinery.

Friction Assemblies

Clutch Diagram - Disc Spring Design

Friction assemblies like clutches, traction drives, and brakes use disc springs to provide even pressure as friction materials wear away and actuation and deflections change.

Punch Stripper Assembly

Punch Stripper Diagram - Spring Washer Design

Stacks of disc springs can be used to provide the retraction force (“stripping”) for punches. The compact size of the springs is ideal for punch cassettes that can be used in CNC punch machine tool changers.

Shock Absorbing Bolted Assembly

Bolted Assembly Diagram - Belleville Washer Design

Disc springs are largely self-damping, particularly when stacked in parallel. This makes the springs useful in dissipating energy in bolted assemblies that are subjected to shock loading and vibration.

Cable Support Assembly

Cable Support Diagram - Disc Springs Design

Often when materials such as wires or cables are clamped using a screw or bolt, the wire or cable will compress over time and the assembly will become loose. Spring washers can be used to keep the assembly tight.

Drill Bit Shock Absorber

Shock Absorber Diagram - Spring Washers Design

Deep down-hole drilling for oil and gas exploration creates extreme shock loads on the drill bits. Stacks of disc springs can be used to cushion the drill bit, giving it a longer bit life.

Pipe Hold-Down Assembly

Pipe Support Diagram - Bellevilles Design

Long pipe runs require structural support, but are also subject to movement due to temperature changes. A structural support that includes Belleville washers can both support and control the pipe, by allowing some movement when required.

High Pressure Valve

Pressure Valve Diagram - Disc Spring Design Guide

Spring washers are used to provide control in pressure valves. The disc springs keep the valve closed until the control fluid pressure rises to the point where it overcomes the designed load of the springs, and at that point, the valve opens to release pressure.

Live Loaded Joints

Loaded Joint Diagram - Belleville Washer Design Guide

Many joints, particularly pipe flanges, are subject to loosening due to temperature change cycles. This loosening often results in leakage at the joints. Spring washers act as part of a “live loading” assembly that help maintain leak-tight joints, greatly reducing maintenance costs.

Valve Packing Assembly

Valve Packing Diagram - Spring Washer Design Guide

Disc springs are used in valves to maintain pressure on the packing so that the seal around the valve stem does not leak. Over time, the packing material will compress and the spring washers will take up the slack.

Spring Washer Designs

Other Spring Washer Uses

  • Electrical Connections
    • Bolted applications with heat expansion
  • Pipeline Supplies
    • Flange connections, hangars, supports, clamps
  • Fasteners
    • Pre-assembled systems, inventory management
  • Machinery Components
    • Spindles, brakes, clamps, latches
  • Vibration Isolation
    • High-speed press, bolted assemblies
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