Dedication Under the Gun


MW Industries partners with you to truly do business together.

Smart Suspension Components

Traditional spring design covers a lot of ground, but new applications sometimes require new ideas.

Accessible Suspension Components

When designing new products requires new products, MW Industries engineers are here to help.

Design & Engineering Support

Issues with mission-critical components can be life-threatening to your business.

Fast Solar Springs

A bad situation is an opportunity for good customer service.

Server Rack Fasteners

There really is no substitute for quality components in your products.

Pharmaceutical Injector Springs

We don't just build quality components, we offer innovative solutions that empower our customers.

Aviation Control Components

When your business relies on the timely response of suppliers, be sure they are willing to help you succeed.

Precision Surgical Clips

Sometimes cost cutting means finding a new way to make what already works.

Reconnaissance Fasteners

Re-engineering a low-margin product with a partner like MW Industries can make a huge difference!