Hot Coil (or Hot Wound) Springs

Hot Coil Springs

MW Industries, Inc. offers both automated and manual hand coil capability in the manufacture of hot coil (or hot wound) springs. Our commitment to quality, technology, process improvement, and our customers has made us a premier supplier within the industry. We have the ability to control metallurgical processes and guarantee part quality to our customers.

World class quality is achieved through state of the art heat-treating, shot peening, and automated load testing all while exceeding demanding fatigue requirements and specifications. Individual part identification, grinding, special coatings, in-house powder coatings, cycle testing of finished products, and magnetic particle inspection are also available to meet your application requirements.

Our highly trained staff of engineers is always on hand to meet your design, development, and manufacturing specifications. Our goal is simply to meet your every expectation.

Our Capabilities

Hot Wound Springs from MW Industries, Inc.

Maximum Coiling Specs
 Bar Diameter: 2.00 in.
 Bar Length: 27.0 ft.
 Spring OD Max: 18.5 in.
Auto Coiling Specs
 Bar Diameter: 1.875 in.
 Bar Length: 21.0 ft.
 Spring OD Max: 9.500 in.
 Free Length Max: 39.0 in.
  • 5160H
  • 51B60H
  • SAE 9254
  • SAE 6150
  • SAE 9259
  • SAE 4140
  • 92V45
  • SRS60
  • Squared
  • Ground
  • Open End
  • Pigtail
  • Custom
  • Variable Wire Diameter
 Powder Coat (Mil Standard)
 Part Identification
 Shot Peening
 Cycle Testing
 Magnetic Particle Inspection
 Automated Load Testing
 Custom Tooling Design
 Prototype to Production Volumes
 Special Packaging
 ISO 9001:2008
 ISO/TS 16949:2009
 ITAR Compliant
Industries Served
 Vibration Control and Isolation
 Vehicle Suspensions
 Valve Actuators
 Automotive Aftermarket
 Truck Safety Brake Springs
 Pipe Hanger
 Power Generation Applications
 Snow Removal Equipment
 Track Tensioner


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