Heavy Truck

The toughest springs for heavy trucks
MW Industries, Inc. is one of the world’s leading providers of high-performance springs for the heavy truck industry. We’ve built a strong reputation for our knowledge and experience in producing the highest quality brake springs, clutch springs, fuel injector and fuel pump springs, and engine valve springs along with accessory springs for vehicle-mounted antennas, hoods, and doors. Our goal of operational excellence pushes us to supply critically designed parts for long durability under extreme conditions.

A reputation built on engineering excellence
Our commitment to innovation and quality excellence has made us not only one of the largest, but also one of the fastest growing manufacturers in the market. We owe our engineering superiority to a number of key factors. All of our parts are made in America, we serve a wide range of applications and markets, and we are committed to investing in the very best engineers and latest production equipment. These factors enable us to continually develop new parts and make quality improvements on existing products. They also help us offer significant cost advantages over our competitors.

Logging Truck - Heavy Truck Suspension ExampleTailoring the right solutions for your needs
MW Industries offers industry-leading development capabilities that combine engineering, design, prototyping, and pilot production. Design enhancements focusing on weight reduction, process improvements in heat treatment and powder coating, and utilizing the largest selection of materials allow MW Industries to set the standard for spring performance. Our advanced certifications and controls have earned us numerous quality awards as well as a reputation for meeting the highest customer demands.

Our ability to maintain a ‘platform approach’ when developing materials helps us support all of your production and delivery requirements. Thanks to our superior testing capabilities, we’re able to engineer parts with strength-to-weight ratios that deliver peak performance throughout their lifecycle. As your supplier and strategic partner, you can always count on us for timely quoting, service, and support.

Leveraging expertise from across our network
Our financial strength and broad base of industry knowledge give us a unique ability to identify and invest in new opportunities in the heavy truck market. The crossover design and production expertise we bring from the automotive, motorsports, agriculture, and construction markets creates a tremendous advantage to our customers. This is particularly useful when we’re developing prototype assemblies or lightweight and composite materials.

MW Industries is comprised of 18 locations across the United States, several of which are extremely knowledgeable in the heavy truck market. With more than 80 years of experience, our Automatic Spring location is a world-class manufacturer that supports the clutch, transmission, engine, and fuel injection markets. Established in 1928, our Matthew-Warren Spring location is the world's largest manufacturer of safety brake springs, as well as cold- and hot-coiled springs, rings, stampings, and specialty washers.

Brake springs, clutch springs, valve springs, fuel injection springs

Our Capabilities

ENGINEERING: Collaborate with and support our customers' development and engineering efforts. In-house design and development using:

    • CAD
    • CAE Analysis
    • Metallurgy
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Fatigue Testing
    • Performance Analysis
    • Corrosion Analysis


Hot Wound Springs

From 0.405" (10.3mm) to 2.000" (50mm) bar diameter

Cold Wound Springs

From 0.004" (.13mm) to 0.630" (16mm) wire diameter

Compression, Extension, Torsion Springs and Wire Forms
Brake Actuator Springs, Valve Springs, Clutch Springs, Fuel System Springs

Bellevilles & Disc Springs

Up to 400 Ton
Including flange, serrated, finger, wave, and custom

Coiled & Stamped Rings

Wire shape rolling and ring grinding for close tolerance rings

Retaining rings with butterfly, angle, rounded & square end configurations

Machined Parts

Swiss Turning–Diameter: .188”–1.250”; Length: up to 12.5”
CNC Turning & Chucking–Diameter: .125” – 8.000”+ ; Length: up to 13.0”
CNC Milling
Honing–Diameter: .250”–3.250”; Up to 7.000” long
Grinding–Diameter: .500”–3.000”; Up to 6.000” long
Secondary Machining- turning, milling, drilling, sawing
Brazing / Soldering / Assembly
Material / Finishes: Carbon & Alloy Steels, Stainless & Brass, Nickel Alloys,Plastic & Nylon, Silver & Tungsten, Aluminum & Titanium

Fourslide / Stampings

Up to 400 Ton

Wide range of heat-treated and spring materials

Market Contacts

Steve Lantgen
Heavy Truck Market Manager


David Page
Heavy Truck Market Specialist



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