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Precision components for outdoor power equipment
MW Industries, Inc. designs and manufactures state-of-the-art springs and component systems for the world’s leading brands of consumer products and power tools. Our products are used in chainsaws, leaf blowers, handheld and tabletop drills, lawnmowers, circular and table saws, routers, impact drivers, and many other commercial and retail products used in maintenance or lawn and garden care. Our customers rely on us for a range of products, including brake band springs (critical safety applications found in chainsaws), compression springs (used for control purposes such as power triggers, on/off switches, and other high usage applications), extension springs (for throttle controls, drive-line controls, and speed control), and return springs (used in operator controls, engine management applications and safety equipment).

Taking on the elements together
Outdoor power equipment needs to operate in demanding conditions, including extended use and extreme environments. That’s why we design, engineer, and test our lightweight components to provide durability and consistent operation over a long life.

Consumer products & power tool components from MW IndustriesRelationships and components you can rely on
With our wide range of capabilities, we are able to serve as your value-added supplier for virtually any spring or formed metal component required for your application. We will work closely with you to develop components to match your exact requirements, reduce your costs, and support your logistics or disaster recovery efforts. Whatever your needs may be, you’ll find that we’re dedicated to exceeding them with the utmost honesty and integrity. We take pride in delivering value on-time, at the right price, with zero quality defects.

Multiple locations, one goal
Our precision components are produced and delivered from multiple MW Industries locations across the United States. While each of our manufacturing facilities offers different capabilities and specialties, all work together using the very latest equipment and technology.

Our Capabilities

ENGINEERING: Collaborate with and support our customers' development and engineering efforts. In-house design and development using:

    • CAD
    • CAE Analysis
    • Metallurgy
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Fatigue Testing
    • Performance Analysis
    • Corrosion Analysis

Consumer products components from MW Industries


Cold Wound Springs

From 0.004" (.13mm) to 0.630" (16mm) wire diameter

Raw Materials:

          • Copper and Alloys
          • Exotics –Elgiloy®, Hastelloy®, Inconel®, A286, Monel™
          • Music wire
          • Nickel & Alloys, including MP35N®
          • Titanium
          • Steel, Carbon & all grades of Stainless

Bellevilles & Washers

Up to 400 Ton
Including flange, serrated, finger, wave, and custom

Coiled & Stamped Rings

Wire shape rolling and ring grinding for close tolerance rings

Fourslides / Stampings

Up to 400 Ton
Wide range of heat-treated and spring materials

Machined Parts

Swiss Turning–Diameter: .188”–1.250”; Length: up to 12.5”
CNC Turning & Chucking–Diameter: .125” – 8.000”+ ; Length: up to 13.0”
CNC Milling
Honing–Diameter: .250”–3.250”; Up to 7.000” long
Grinding–Diameter: .500”–3.000”; Up to 6.000” long
Secondary Machining- turning, milling, drilling, sawing
Brazing / Soldering / Assembly
Material / Finishes: Carbon & Alloy Steels, Stainless & Brass, Nickel Alloys,Plastic & Nylon, Silver & Tungsten, Aluminum & Titanium

Market Contact

James Fletcher
Professional Products & Power Tools Market Manager


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