Agriculture / Construction

Trusted by the biggest names in Agriculture and Construction
MW Industries engineers and produces springs and assemblies for leading manufacturers of agriculture and construction equipment. That’s because we’ve built our reputation on meeting the demanding requirements of today’s most advanced machinery. Our most popular parts include hot-wound springs, engine and transmission retaining rings, engine valve and clutch springs, Belleville washers, and brake springs. We also engineer torsion, compression, and extension springs for various applications.

Custom solutions for any production schedule
As a leading innovator, we bring the resources together to create best-in-breed products for our customers. Our large, hot-wound spring capabilities are world-renowned for use in chassis, suspensions, hydraulics, tillage/sprayers and vibratory/material-handling equipment. And thanks to our multiple manufacturing locations, we offer one of the most diverse product lines in the industry. Our ability to support and maintain a ‘platform approach’ in the development of materials helps us meet even your most demanding production and delivery requirements. Whatever your special needs may be, you can count on us for the most advanced engineering, design, prototyping, and pilot production.

From the racetrack to the cornrow
We’re able to offer such a tremendous breadth of product capabilities because we’re active in so many industries. Our agricultural and construction products benefit greatly from the engineering, design and production tools, and quick prototyping systems we’ve developed in our automotive, motorsports, heavy truck, and military markets. One prime example is the engineering know-how we deliver based on our many years of experience developing lightweight and composite materials.

Contstruction and mining components from MW IndustriesEngineering service and support at every step
MW Industries and great customer service are synonymous. We understand how important it is to deliver responsive quoting and pricing. We also understand your desire for new solutions and better technologies. Our engineers are innovators at heart who take pride in solving problems in the best way possible. By getting to know your needs and getting involved in the early stages of design, we deliver effective, cost-saving solutions that make your customers happy and your business successful.

American quality, backed by tradition
No other company serves the agricultural and construction markets quite like MW Industries. We’re a financially strong company with decades of experience and extensive operations across the U.S. As your partner, we understand the importance of innovation and lasting value to your success. You can count on us for our unparalleled engineering, unusual diversity of products, uncommon dedication to service, and undying commitment to logistical support.

Our Capabilities

We collaborate with and support our customers' development and engineering efforts using:

    • CAD
    • CAE Analysis
    • Metallurgy
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Fatigue Testing
    • Performance Analysis
    • Corrosion Analysis


We are capable of performing many secondary processes in-house before and after the coiling / machining:

    • Grinding
    • Harden & Temper
    • Heat Set
    • Paint / Powder Coat
    • Shot-Peening
    • Stress Relief
    • Wire Rolling



Hot Wound Springs

From 0.405" (10.3mm) to 2.00" (50mm) bar diameter

Max Coiling Specs:

Bar Diameter: 2.00"
Bar Length: 28.0'
Spring OD: 18.5"

Auto Coiling Specs:

Bar Diameter: 1.75"
Bar Length: 21.0'
Spring OD: 18.5"
Free Length: 39.0"

End Configurations:

Open End

Raw Materials:

SAE 9254
SAE 6150
SAE 9259
SAE 4140

Cold Wound Springs

From 0.004" (.13mm) to 0.630" (16mm) wire diameter

Compression, Extension, Torsion and Double Torsion Springs, Valve Springs, Clutch Springs, Wire Forms

Raw Materials:

Copper and Alloys
Exotics - Elgiloy®, Hastelloy®, Inconel®, A286, Monel™
Music Wire
Nickel & Alloys, including MP35N®
Steel, Carbon & all grades of Stainless

Bellevilles & Disc Springs

Up to 400 Ton
Including flange, serrated, finger, wave, and custom

Coiled & Stamped Rings

Wire shape rolling and ring grinding for close tolerance rings

Retaining rings with butterfly, angle, rounded and square end configurations.

Machined Parts & Tooling

Swiss Turning–Diameter: .188”–1.250”; Length: up to 12.5”
CNC Turning & Chucking–Diameter: .125” – 8.000”+ ; Length: up to 13.0”
CNC Milling
Honing–Diameter: .250”–3.250”; Up to 7.000” long
Grinding–Diameter: .500”–3.000”; Up to 6.000” long
Secondary Machining- turning, milling, drilling, sawing
Brazing / Soldering / Assembly
Material / Finishes: Carbon & Alloy Steels, Stainless & Brass, Nickel Alloys,Plastic & Nylon, Silver & Tungsten, Aluminum & Titanium

Fourslide / Stampings:

Up to 400 Ton

Wide range of heat-treated and spring materials


Market Contact

Patty Switaj
Agriculture / Construction Market Manager


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