Our U.S. manufacturing and catalog distribution facilities represent the most diverse and inclusive supply base for a tremendous range of applications in numerous industries, including the aerospace, medical, energy, agricultural, and consumer markets—just to name a few. The size range of each of our specific products, the innovation within each manufacturing location and product family, and the capability to supply engineering samples or hundreds of thousands of production parts further strengthens our position as an industry leader and world-class supplier for all markets. We have the resources within our broad organization to meet all your needs, regardless of the industry.

Utilizing custom design and manufacturing capabilities, MWI sets a new standard in mission critical components. Our innovations and advanced engineering offer a unique solution for your application.

MW Industries engineers and produces springs and assemblies for the major companies in the agriculture and construction markets.

MW Industries serves the global original equipment manufacturer and independent aftermarket sectors of the automotive and light truck markets.

MW Industries designs and manufactures state-of-the-art springs and component systems for the world’s leading brands of consumer products and power tools.

MW Industries, Inc. (MWI) has been developing and manufacturing materials for the energy, oil and gas markets, primarily out of our Engineered Spring Products location, since 1983.

Design enhancements focusing on weight reduction, process improvements in heat treatment and powder coating, and utilizing the largest selection of materials allow MW Industries to set the standard for spring performance.

MW Industries houses the largest and most diverse inventory of springs in the industry, ranging from large, suspension applications to micro-medical devices, as well as precision wire forms, metal stampings, and product assemblies.

MW Industries, Inc. develops specialized products for the medical and pharmaceutical industries including precision wire forms, metal stampings, coil springs, torsion springs and related product assemblies.

MW Industries, Inc. has been a trusted provider of springs and related parts for military and marine applications for over half a century.

Our unparalleled track record has made us the worldwide leader in the development and optimization of high-performance suspension components for the motor racing industry.

MW Industries is a trusted supplier to PTFE seal manufacturers around the globe. Cantilever U and V springs available in continuous spools or cut to desired lengths.

Today, more and more population centers are investing in bus, train, and light rail services to provide efficient mass transit and freight. We help meet this growing demand by working closely with transit manufacturers to deliver important improvements in weight, ride comfort, performance, and reliability.

MW Industries has been supplying control valve and actuator springs of all types to the valve industry since 1925.